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Buyer's Edge Realty sets the standard for what every Realtor SHOULD be.

It was imperative for us to know that we had people on "our team" that were motivated by our best interests. Gary Herbst and Gary Slutsky were exactly that!

Buyer's Edge Realty made things simple and clear for us from the onset. They walked us through the home purchase process, came to quickly understand the things that were important to us in a home and worked hard to find us the best home for our family. They truly exceeded our expectations from day one.

Buyer's Edge gave us well-informed advice based upon years of experience and training in their field. They gave us a peace of mind that no other broker in the industry could because they were genuinely "in it for us". We never had a moment of doubt in our home purchase process and never felt exposed or "unprotected" because we knew we could consult with them.

They offered us options, explained each, answered questions and gave us the space to decide.
They were patient and kind and always made us feel like we were their first and only priority.
Their negotiation skills and knowledge of the market are beyond measure.
They are on time, reliable, professional at all times and truly go above and beyond the call of duty.

Gary Herbst and Gary Slutsky literally walked through the home purchase journey alongside us every single step of the way. They were both a pleasure to work with and if we ever buy a house again, they are the only brokers we would ever work with. We have recommended them and will continue to do so because we are nothing but pleased with the quality of the service that they provide. They helped us find and purchase our dream home and for that we will always be grateful.

Gary and Gary not only met our expectations, they truly exceeded them!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Gary and Gary!!

All the best always.

Sincerely yours,
Keith and Ana S.

Exceeded our expectations.

My wife and I are first-time home buyers. We were looking at relatively modestly priced homes, but Gary always made us feel that we were still a priority for him. He was extremely patient and knowledgeable, and always made sure that we understood everything about the process. We asked Gary for recommendations for our real estate attorney and building inspector, and his suggested professionals exceeded our expectations as much as Gary himself did. We would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend Buyer's Edge Realty to anyone looking for a home in Westchester. Gary Herbst is a professional of the highest caliber and truly is concerned with his client's best interests.

Michael H.

So grateful for Gary's expertise.

Throughout the process of searching for and purchasing our home, we were so grateful for Gary's expertise. At our first meeting he spent a lot of time explaining the process to us and helping us clarify our priorities about our future home.

He was always available to answer questions, even after we closed on our house. He made our home buying experience low stress. Finally, Gary has a never-ending supply of puns, which we very much enjoyed! We cannot recommend Gary enough!

Kathlyn C.

We couldn't be more appreciative of the tireless work.

We are so lucky to have worked with Buyer's Edge on the purchase of our first home.

Gary S. and Gary H. educated us about the entire home buying process from getting a mortgage to the final walk through. Every step of the way we knew they had our best interest at heart. They really listened to us and helped us prioritize what was most important in our home search.

We have been living in our home for 2 months now and there is absolutely nothing that we regret about our purchase or working with Buyer's Edge. As we reflect on the entire process we find ourselves feeling extremely lucky that Buyer's Edge represented us. They not only found us our home but also made sure that the lawyer and inspector we hired were experienced and competent.

We must have called/texted/emailed them 100 times. Each time we spoke to them we felt heard and reassured about the process. They were always available to us and ensured that our questions and overreactions were quickly addressed. We couldn't be more appreciative of the tireless work Buyer's Edge put in to get us our first home. Even fter the closing Buyer's Edge has remained in contact with us to ensure that things are going smoothly and provide us with advice on things we can expect as new homeowners.

Levy & Jadera G.

From a Client who used our services twice in buying a home.

Thank you for the message and well wishes. We are loving the new home and town! While obviously owning a single family home brings new responsibilities, the additional space (both indoors and out) has been more than worth it.

Christina and I are extremely happy and appreciative of the service and guidance each of you provided. At all times, we knew we could trust in the guidance you were providing and knew we were in the hands of true professionals. We were very disappointed with the listing agent that sold our co-op, but it made us appreciate quality service and the contrast was glaring as soon as we stepped back in your office.

Shane and Christina B.

We couldn't have been in better hands.

After having a negative experience with another Realtor, we found Buyer's Edge Realty. Gary transformed our home-buying experience!

Gary did a great job from the first day, when he sat us down and made sure we understood both the home owning experience and what our priorities were in terms of location, school districts, and more. He then spent weeks and weeks taking us to houses, making recommendations and pointing our things we never would have noticed. He even pulled town records and created valuation reports that were just like an bank appraiser! I can say from experience that most agents will not do this- they will even tell you to do it yourself. Gary did it without us even having to ask.

After a smooth closing process, Gary continued to go above and beyond, answering our calls all the time and offering advice and recommendations we sorely needed as new homeowners. He told us what to do when we accidentally flooded our radiators, and even came by with a ladder to help us clean our gutters!

Gary is a kind, dedicated buyer's agent. We couldn't have been in better hands.

Thanks again Gary!

Joe & Rebecca K.

You were indispensable.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the email. Everything is great. We love the house and neighborhood. Billy loves playing in the yard and we are looking forward to spending our first Christmas in our new home. So again, thank you for all your help in making all this possible. You were indispensable, your knowledge and advice were spot on. And your help in guiding us through an unfamiliar process with much anxiousness was off the charts- which is why we rated your help a 6, beyond the provided on the Client Survey.

Have a happy holiday season.
Scott and Tracy F.


We found Buyer’s Edge Realty online. Since we liked the information on the website we decided to call. Gary immediately set up an appointment with us. Since we had met several agents before and were shocked by their unprofessional behavior, we were a little apprehensive. However, Gary was fantastic and incredibly professional.

He took two full hours to walk us through the process and answered all our questions patiently. We knew immediately that we were in good hands. Throughout the whole process both Gary and Chris were always easy to reach and very accessible. They guided us from one stage to the next and helped us through the most stressful and exciting time of our lives.

Thank you!

Sabine H. & Brian A.


Chris and Gary,

We can't imagine what it would have been like to go through the process of buying our first home without you guys and your patience, guidance, wisdom, and senses of humor. It was abundantly clear during the entire process that we were working with the best and smartest real estate professionals around. We are very fortunate to have met both of you and would gladly and enthusiastically recommend you to anyone and everyone. We'd be honored to serve as references and talk to prospective clients about how great you guys are. There is no way for us to express how much we appreciate the tremendous value of working with the two of you, but we will absolutely be working with you again when the time comes to buy our next home.

Bob & Stephanie L.


From our very first meeting with Gary Herbst, CBA,ABR,CBR,CREA,MAS to even after our closing, Gary has displayed extraordinary diligence and knowledge, as well as trustworthy referrals and advice in the home-buying process. He is thorough, patient and understands all of the details involved in the purchase of a house.

He does not merely show you houses for sale, but makes excellent and constructive observations that are extremely helpful based on his experience. His vast experience (see all of the titles and abbreviations after his name!!) in this business provided a wealth of knowledge that was beyond our expectations and was an invaluable part of making the whole process very smooth, comfortable and quite educational!

He answered our questions promptly (ie: lots of emails!), addressed our concerns without making us feel any pressure, and guided us to our new home that we are super-excited to move in to!

If any of our friends (or anyone we know) are looking to buy a home in Westchester, we would insist that they use Buyer's Edge Realty, Inc., not only because they really are "The Intelligent Way to Buy a Home", but because the service they provide is priceless!

Thanks Gary!

Jeremy, Justina, & little Jullian


Buyer's Edge provided superior real estate service throughout the entire process of finding and buying our new home. We had originally worked with a different broker, but felt our needs were being ignored and the broker was looking to put us in a house quickly without bothering to think about what was best for us. Once we switched to Buyer's Edge the process was completely different. Chris and Gary were very responsive, quick to get us showings, very knowledgeable about the process as well as house ins and outs (contractors, etc.). Gary did a fantastic job negotiating on our behalf, and we felt we got a good deal with our new home. Once all the negotiating and contract was over, Gary and Chris still continued to provide excellent service, helping us to find contractors and other services we needed.

They are wonderful at what they do, as well as very nice people. I would highly recommend them, and will do so whenever the opportunity arises.

Thank you Gary & Chris!

Virginia & Daniel W.


Dear Gary and Chris,

Couldn't let another week go by without saying a huge THANK YOU! As you can see, the house is looking good! And I am so so happy that it's mine!

I would never have gotten this far without you and I'm so grateful for all your support. When I came to meet you last year I had my heart set on Riverview and didn't have a clue about buying a house. Thank you for your patience in answering all my questions, encouraging me when I was so anxious and felt like it would never happen and for all the great advice you've given. I keep thinking Gary about what you told me about the apartment in Yonkers and how whatever was meant for me would be mine. I totally didn't believe you at the time! :-) I thought it was the best and only place ever! Lol. And now I'm so thankful that I didn't get it. This place was meant for me and is sooooooo much better!!!!

I sat on my deck last nite and just felt so blessed. Having a beautiful home felt like such a far-off dream but you made it come true!! Thank you!!!!

I truly appreciate you!



When we decided to purchase a home, we thought it would be a daunting and challenging journey. Gary and Chris proved otherwise.

It was our first time buying a home, and we had spent most of our lives abroad before we moved to New York. We knew nothing about the process and we were not at all familiar with the area. We just knew that it was time for us to buy.

So we went in with a lot of questions. Gary and Chris listened to each and every question and made sure no question was left unanswered.

We really appreciate the professionalism Gary and Chris demonstrated throughout our home-buying process. They are easy to talk to, easy to reach, and incredibly patient. At no time did we feel that we were under any pressure to make a decision. They let us take our time and made sure we were comfortable with the process along the way.

Chris' knowledge of the neighborhoods in Westchester really helped us in getting familiar with the area quickly. When we went for a viewing, it was not only our first time seeing the house in question. It was our first time in that particular town! We did not know our left from our right. But by having Chris with us, we felt like we knew the area already.

When we finally found a property we liked, Gary made sure that we knew everything there was to know about the property. He went and checked the property thoroughly before we put in an offer. His expertise helped us in understanding the fair market value of the house and later on in determining the offer price. Gary also made sure we were aware of any problems with the house, if there were any repairs required, or if there were any parts of the house that did not comply with the building code. This alone saved us from a lot of unwanted surprises down the road.

And the positive experience we had did not stop there. Gary and Chris were willing to go the extra mile in helping us out: from finding us a home inspector, getting us an estimate for repairs, to giving us their personal recommendations for local electricians, plumbers, contractors and a lot more. At no point did we hear dismissive suggestions such as 'you can find them in the local paper' or 'just go to Home Depot'. We have been using some of the services recommended by them and so far, all have been more than satisfactory.

All in all, it was a smooth process throughout. At the time of writing this, we are in the first few weeks of living in our new home, and we are enjoying every minute of it.

Midori K. & Riwanto M.


We worked primarily with Gary Slutsky and Gary Herbst during our home buying process; both were exceptional agents in helping to guide us in buying our first home. Their overall knowledge and experience not only in the home buying process, but also in the Westchester area proved invaluable. They helped us to feel comfortable in our decisions about houses we saw and were readily available whenever we had any questions. We absolutely believe that we could not have bought our home without their help and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home in the Westchester area.

Thanks Gary & Gary!

Kim & Steve O.


I chose a buyer's broker to avoid the traditional real estate broker promotion/sales approach because the buyer's broker represents "the buyer". After almost 3 years of searching for our new home, Buyer's Edge was with us the whole way. Gary Slutsky and Gary Herbst are professionals in every sense of the word, delivering beyond what was promised and expected. If we ever decide to pursue another real estate transaction, we will not hesitate to engage the services of Buyer's Edge Realty. Truly, the best, most pleasant way to pursue a real estate transaction.

Thank you Buyer's Edge for being there!!

Bud & Lisa H.

Buyer's Edge is our Realtor for life.

We moved into our home a few days before the worst snow and rain storms Westchester has seen in over 40 years! But now Spring is finally here...

Last summer, when my husband and I decided that it was time to search for our first home, we knew that we wanted not only someone to shepherd us through the process but also someone we could trust to offer valuable advice. In Gary S. and Buyer's Edge, we could not have found a better fit.

Buying a home can be a nerve-wracking experience. I have close friends who bought or were also looking to buy homes all over the country, and I have heard their horror stories. All were shocked at how we raved about Gary's assistance. When they were saying "beware this" and "were you told about that", I could honestly answer "yes" and beyond that Gary also told us about ...".

Gary patiently explained the process from start to finish, helped us understand how to compare the pros and cons of turn-key homes with ones that may need a bit of work, assisted us in formulating our bidding strategy, offered references when asked for other services we may need (like home inspectors), and had a sixth sense for knowing when to check in on us during the process of price negotiation and beyond.

We cannot recommend Gary more, and if we decide to move again within their service area, Buyer's Edge is our Realtor for life.

Thank you for all the assistance in helping us to achieve this piece of the American dream!

Lyneisha & Eddy P.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Dear Gary,

We feel so blessed to have met you and to have gone with you twice through the buying of a home process!

You have an amazing array of knowledge and you are right there with your clients through the whole process!

Your timely responses to emails, phone calls, and request to see houses is amazing and makes the whole process very smooth.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for us to find that perfect dream home for our family!

Thank you very much,

Warm wishes!
Ben & Ruth L.

True professionals...

When someone does a wonderful job often times it goes unacknowledged and I certainly did not want this to be the case here.

The compassion, understanding and true concern shown during our difficult journey was well beyond our expectations. Your attention to detail, and openness to point out the positives and negatives of each house was extremely helpful. The follow-up on minor details made us feel secure and confident that we were dealing with true professionals who understand the real estate business inside and out.

Rest assured that if anyone mentions to me that they are thinking of buying a house, Buyer's Edge Realty will be the first words out of my mouth.

Ronald L.

Very much amazed...

We wanted to say thank you for helping us find our new home. There are few words to express how excited and happy we are in our new place, and this would not have been possible without you. Your honesty, dedication, thoroughness, and professionalism in our search were remarkable. One thing I want to stress is how much we really felt we could trust you. You gave us your undivided attention; lead us away from situations that could have hurt us, yet benefited you; and kept us informed at every step of the process. It seems hard to find good real estate agents in today's market. Both Zack and I are very much amazed by a job truly well done. We are sad you are dedicated to buyers only. When it comes time to sell, we only hope we can find someone half as good as you.

Erika and Zack

...extremely professional, courteous, and ever ready to help...

As first time home buyers, we had very limited knowledge about the complicated process of purchasing a house let alone the different types of real estate agents. Fortunately for us, we met Gary Herbst who spent a lot of time with us (even before we signed up as a client) to help us understand what is involved in purchasing a new home. In fact, after our initial discussion he even suggested that we wait a couple of more months to shore up our financial position (rather than empty out our savings) before diving deep into house hunting. The fact that he was not rushing to make a quick sell and willing to spend the time to set realistic expectations convinced me to sign up with him as his client.

Gary is the best in the business in Westchester. As a licensed appraiser, Gary was able to suggest to us what a fair price is for a given property, which was a great help. There were several properties that he discouraged us to purchase because of issues that we recognize today but failed to recognize as first time home buyers. As our agent, Gary was not trying to sell us the most expensive house we could afford but rather advise us on buying one that would provide the most value to us from a financial and quality of life standpoint.

Gary is extremely professional, courteous and ever ready to help throughout the buying process. What impressed me the most about Gary was that not only did he work with us during every step of the home buying process but he also followed up months after the purchase to see how things were going. We are glad we had Gary with us to assist in purchasing our first new home and are extremely happy with his services!

Venu & Smita K.

Unimpeachable integrity.

Gary Herbst and Chris Cawley showed tireless commitment over a period of more than two years to help find the right home for us. We were consistently impressed with their dedication and resourcefulness, their knowledge of the field, and the breadth of their contacts. Most important, however, was their unimpeachable integrity. It was enormously reassuring to us as first-time buyers to have advisors educate us at every step in the process and make recommendations with our best interests at heart. On many occasions Gary and Chris counseled us to reject a property, or walk away from a negotiation, when it was the right decision for us but meant significantly more effort for them, and effectively meant starting our search over from scratch.

We cannot recommend Buyer's Edge Realty too highly.

John & Laura K.

A buyer could not hope for better agents.

Our home-buying experience was, from the get-go, unique and complicated because we were trying to purchase a property while living in a foreign country, 8000 miles away. Because of the geographical issues involved, we only had relatively short windows to look at houses during our visits back to the U.S. and our home-purchasing process was more involved than most. But the miles and time frame were no barrier for Chris and Gary, whose best qualities came to the forefront as a result of the challenging situation.

First, we felt that Gary and Chris gave us amazing personal attention. Chris Cawley was available to go house hunting even on short notice. We felt very comfortable with the property data and appraisal reports due to Gary's experience as an appraiser. They were both incredibly attentive to our every need and were super responsive, always giving us their considered and well-reasoned thoughts on all aspects of home-buying. They would even respond to emails in the middle of their night-something that was hugely important to us given the fact that we were trying to buy a house from 8 time zones away.

Once we put an offer in a house we had to go back overseas for the negotiations of the contract and the actual closing. We felt very comfortable with Gary representing us from afar. After the closing but before we moved in, the house was empty for a month during which time a blizzard hit the area. Chris checked on the house during and after the storm to put our minds at ease. And if that weren't enough, the day before we moved in Chris and Gary personally shoveled our driveway and walkway! We were (and still are) so grateful! Without their monumental efforts in shoveling after the storm, the house would not have been move-in ready as our relocation company would not have been able to work under such icy conditions. It would have been an absolute disaster and it was only because of Chris and Gary's efforts that we avoided it. You really can't ask for better service.

We highly recommend Chris and Gary. A buyer could not hope for better agents.

Jessie & Mo V.

I noticed a big difference in the quality of service.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Buyer's Edge Realty for the wonderful experience I had in finding and purchasing my first home with your help.

I came to Buyer's Edge Realty after over six months of frustration, having looked at dozens of houses and still coming out empty, two of which I ended up spending a lot of time and money on, only to be unsuccessful.

But from the time I signed on with Buyer's Edge, I noticed a big difference in the quality of service. You were very professional, meticulous, and quite organized. Within hours of signing on I had an automatic listing sent to my email address with properties which met the criteria I gave for what I was looking for. My agent, Gary Slutsky was always available to answer my questions, always returning my phone calls/emails promptly, spent time to answer all questions and offer advice where necessary. I was able to work at my own pace and at no time felt pressured on any properties that we viewed. And in less than three months I had already found a property I was interested in and closed on it.

I can't thank the people at Buyer's Edge enough for turning my experience of buying a first home into an exciting one, especially Gary Slutsky with whom I worked very closely, and Gary Herbst who was also always available with advice and help. I would highly recommend the company to anyone looking to purchase a home. As a Realtor company catering only to buyers, they sure give you an edge you won't get with many others since they are not out to sell you anything.

Once again thanks guys and I sure look forward to working with you again sometime in the future if such an occasion presents itself.

Vincent A., DDS

Far surpassed our wildest dreams of what a Buyer's Agent/Agency might be!

Chris, we just want to thank you for your patience, hard work, dedication, knowledge, and constant smile! Working with you has been an absolute pleasure and working with Buyer's Edge as a whole has been amazing as well. You, Gary, and the company far surpassed our wildest dreams of what a Buyer's Agent/Agency might be! We only have one regret-which is that we wish we found you all SOONER!! If there is ever a time that you would like a client letter of recommendation, or a verbal reference from us we would be elated to do it! After all you have done for us, it's the least we can do.

With Sincere Thanks,
Gregory & Alana M.

We sincerely had the best experience working with Buyer's Edge Realty.

We sincerely had the best experience working with Buyer's Edge Realty. We had been through several Realtors and failed negotiations on properties before we met Chris and Gary. From the beginning, Chris helped us try to renegotiate a failed deal on a building purchase-a commercial property. I was immediately impressed with his tenacity and willingness to help us through a seemingly impossible deal.

After our baby was born, Chris was wonderful showing us properties all over Westchester. We looked at rentals, commercial properties, single family homes-we were all over the place-unable to pinpoint what we were looking for. Chris never lost his positive attitude-he didn't lose momentum, he kept his energy and he always returned our phone calls even when he knew we were going to ask him to drive to several different towns in one day looking at loads of properties!

When we got the appraisal for Quaker Road in Chappaqua, we were very happy to have Gary at our back. From the beginning, he encouraged us to get a septic inspection* on top of our regular inspection. I was hesitant-I wanted the house. In retrospect, I am so glad we did it-the house had a lot of problems that may not be able to be remedied. Gary was right and I am so thankful we had someone like him backing us-with his experience and insight to have us see the issues before making a purchase!

Gary's appraisals were great-I am so impressed with the diligence it takes to put one together. Thanks.

I'm so happy where we ended up. We never would have ended up here without Chris and Gary at our sides the entire way! We know we can still count on Buyer's Edge to continue to answer questions for us as new homeowners, provide us with direction, and we will definitely refer them in the future! Buyer's Edge is like extended family for us. Thank you for being there and helping us find such a perfect house in a perfect neighborhood!

Amanda & Jeremy L.

* Ed. Note-Buyer's Edge Realty strongly recommended hiring a specialized septic testing company to further evaluate the condition of the septic system for this particular property. Although there weren't any obvious problems resulting from the standard dye test as part of the engineer's general home inspection, we suspected potential problems due to the small area of the field, age of home, and the possibility that this could have been an old cesspool instead of an actual septic system. A septic inspection company was engaged to further evaluate the system with more invasive testing which included digging, the use of a video camera, and efflorescent dye. The system failed miserably after being filled with only 210 gallons of water-sewage effluent with tracer dye came up through the gravel driveway and ran down the street. We recommended that our clients not buy this property; they subsequently purchased a different home through our company.

Extremely pleased...

We were extremely pleased with the service we received from Buyer's Edge. They were extremely attentive, thorough, and informative. I would never hesitate to use them again when purchasing a house. The value they added was invaluable. I truly feel that we would not have had nearly as much information or protection with a traditional agent. Thanks again!!

Buck & Rebecca S


The right choice and the only choice I would recommend!!!

Overall - a truly great experience. Before meeting Chris and Gary, we were concerned about the whole real estate process. We were concerned about finding someone that really cared about us, and felt passionately about our process of searching for a home. Chris was accommodating to see homes with us at anytime (nights, weekends), and he went through 20 homes with us, along with visiting the same home twice, on 2 occasions. When we went to discuss "negotiations" on an offer for a home, Chris and Gary sat down with us for 2 hours, and fully explained the different negotiating strategies we could pursue. When we were ready to make a bid on our home, Gary went to the home to make an appraisal on what the "true value" of the house was, and at the same time, inspected the house to make sure there were no issues.

Working with Chris and Gary was the right the choice, and the only choice I would recommend!!!

We look forward to working with them on our next home purchase.

Ben & Ruth L.

I can't imagine entering the home buying process ever again without your services...

I spent the day ripping out sheetrock to eliminate a hall closet I do not like. Since we now own the home, I can make all the dumb mistakes I want.

Another luxury, now that Lena and I settle into our roles as single-family home owners, is the comfort of looking back upon the house-hunting process and realizing what a great decision it was to enlist you as our agent. I liken it to a toboggan run, whereby you steered us around corners, nonplussed by neither our early doddering nor our eventual breakneck urgency. I'm sure you've seen it all, but we hadn't, and it felt wonderful to be saved from the dumb mistakes we probably would have made!

I'm attaching the Client Survey to this letter, showing the stellar marks we've given you. None of these grades are exaggerated. Whatever had been the highest number to circle, we'd have circled it. I can't imagine entering the home buying process ever again without your services, and we can't wait to share your service with our friends.

Rob & Lena R.

Words cannot express...

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for helping me realize my dream of owning my first home! I could not have had a better first-time home buying experience, and lot of it was because of both Chris and Gary.

I was fortunate to be surrounded by the best in the industry every step of the way. As soon as I am more settled in, I would love for you to come by. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Julia S.

Your knowledge and experience in the market was evident throughout the process.

We regret that we have fallen out of touch because of the demands of moving in to our new home and setting up our new life, but before the summer was finished we wanted to express our gratitude to Buyer's Edge Realty for your help in finding our home. We truly believe that we would not be in this house without your efforts.

As you well know, at the beginning we were doubly naive: we had never owned a home before, nor did we have any idea of the specific challenges of buying one in Westchester. What we needed was someone we could trust to shepherd us through the process and act in our best interests-not the sellers, or just their own. Your knowledge and experience in the market was evident throughout the process. More than this, you were also patient with us in helping us to form our own conclusions about what we needed and wanted and how to get it.

Many buyers many have overlooked our particular house because the taxes seemed prohibitively expensive. We almost passed it by ourselves, but Gary Herbst took the extra time to discover that the taxes were indeed being overcharged [excessive assessed value] and confirmed this with the town. This made it economically possible for us to buy the home.

The negotiation with the seller proved difficult in places, but Gary Slutsky remained calm and provided the needed perspective that kept us from walking away from the deal when the other side seemed intransigent. And in the end, both we and the seller came away with a sense that we got (most of) what we wanted and needed.

Finally, your advice on everything from mortgage brokers to floor refinishers has proven invaluable, especially since we are new to Westchester. And though we did not know what a home warranty was before we spoke with you, it has come in handy in more than one unexpected case


Having been through this process, we find ourselves somewhat shocked that so few people use buyer's agents in this part of the country. To us, buying a home without an exclusive buyer's agent is like representing yourself in court-foolish.

John & Katie W.

Thank you for guiding us...

Thank you for guiding us through our first-time home purchase. Being first time buyers, we were anticipating an incredibly

stressful and difficult experience. Your expert assistance calmed our nerves and set our minds at east.

We can't thank you enough for your accessibility, knowledge, and support with our many questions and concerns.

Thanks again,
Brendan K. & Mila E.

You helped us a great deal...

Please feel free to use us as references. We really felt that you helped us a great deal especially since this was the first home we purchased.

Thanks again.
Dan D.

They found the solution...

I encountered problems with the credit union I originally contacted for financing, but Gary and Chris found me a bank that was still making loans despite the financial crisis & that had recently handled a co-op sale in the building I wanted. I later ran into problems with the lawyer I found myself & had to replace him. Gary and Chris found a much more professional lawyer that met me on Saturday. Every time there was a problem, they found the solution & rapidly. My only regret is not requesting their recommendations on financing and lawyers sooner.

A very satisfied client,
Justin H.


Excellent, excellent, excellent!! Above and beyond all expectations!

Allison & Jonathan S.

help and guidance...

We want to thank you for all of your help and guidance through our home search. We could not have made it through without your help, your knowledge and your references to inspectors, lawyers and insurance agents. Thank you again!!!

Hugh & Stacy C.

You were right there with me...

Your advice throughout the searching process gave me confidence that the decision I finally made was a good one. I also had a taste of what it would have been like if I were dealing with a seller's broker when we came in contact with ________. This was a perfect example of why a homebuyer should use a buyer's broker rather than a seller's broker. He built that house on Huber Street up so much that you would think it was a mansion being sold for a steal. When you came to look at the house with me, and pointed out the numerous problems with the plumbing, roof, etc. it was obvious that this house was overpriced and needed a tremendous amount of work. That's not to mention the title problem you uncovered that would probably have caused problems if I had gone forward in buying this home.

The thing that I appreciate the most is the fact that you were right there with me throughout the entire process. You readily jumped in when you felt that I wasn't being treated fairly by the bank.

Dottie M.

You were constantly working and looking out for our best interest.

We wanted to thank you so much for all of your dedication and commitment to us over the past several months. We had no idea when we first met with you how wonderful it was going to be to have you as our Buyer's Agent! We never could have found our home and felt as confident in the search for it without you. You were constantly working and looking out for our best interest. We thank you for all of your honest advice and comments which helped to keep us informed. We never once felt like we were unaware of something important-you made sure to research everything and let us know!

If for any reason you need a client to speak on your behalf, please feel free to use the 'buy phone' to contact us. We would love to help in any way possible!

Laura & Steven B.

Hard work and dedication...

Your hard work and dedication resulted in a great find for our first house. We recently found both of our lists of what we wanted in a house that you requested us to compile the first day we met with you. Thanks to you, our first house has all the items that we wanted and some of our "luxury" items.

Joe and Christine K.

knowledge, patience and therapy

We found Mr. Slutsky or Dr. Slutsky as I grew to call him because of his knowledge, patience and therapy, the most wonderful asset to our whole moving experience.

I would (and have) recommended him to several people already.

Ann & Dick S.

Incredibly valuable

We are finally settling into a house that's becoming our wonderful home.

Thank you for all of the effort, direction and support you provided us. As first time homebuyers we needed a lot of help and your industry knowledge was incredibly valuable. Your education of local governments, house construction and neighborhood appraisals were significant to us.

From our initial fact finding meeting to the final close, we felt we were in the capable hands of a dedicated agent with our best interests in mind.

We are extremely pleased with your courteous, yet professional service and would be eager to act as a reference in the future.

Mark and Cynthia H.

...incomparable services.

It's been merely 2 months since we moved into our new home and we're just starting to feel settled in. We can't thank you enough for all your invaluable help and assistance throughout the entire process-including the initial search, the professional assessment of the properties we were interested in, through the negotiating process, and finally to the closing process. You provided us with very valuable information and resources that helped make our life easier through each step of the process.

In the often mercenary real estate industry, you stand out as real pillars of integrity and honesty. The service you provide your clients is invaluable, and we are truly grateful that you were there to guide us through those "shark-infested waters." We will continue to recommend you to all our friends seeking your incomparable services. We wish you continued success!

Gary & Netta D.

Informative, professional & responsive

I have to admit, as a first-time homebuyer, I was a bit hesitant to begin the search of a new home. However, after reviewing your website and a couple of meetings later, I felt quite confident that I was making the right decision. Now, I can certainly say that there is absolutely no hesitation to recommend Buyer's Edge Realty, Inc. to others seeking a new home or apartment.

From the first property I've seen, you sere able to provide valuable information about not only the property, but also on location, location, location! And although I was pretty sure of what I was looking for, your expertise and professional recommendations opened my mind to different options.

As a result of the efficient service I received, I am now the owner of a beautiful Co-op apartment. It is exactly what I was looking for and more. The layout is spacious and airy, and although a little TLC is needed, I can't wait to get started to make it my own. In addition, the neighborhood is quiet and charming, and the proximity to transportation is excellent.

Please accept this as my testimonial to anyone that may be looking for a new or additional home or apartment. As a buyer's agent, you have been informative, professional and responsive to my questions and concerns throughout the entire purchase process, and your dedication to obtaining the best possible price on my behalf is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again to you and your entire staff.
Lupe M.

We enthusiastically recommend your service...

We would like to thank you, Gary & Chris, for your professionalism, persistence, and enthusiasm while working with us to secure our first home. We sincerely thank you for working arduously on our behalf through what felt at times to be an impossible out-of-arms reach purchase. We enthusiastically recommend your service to anyone looking for a new home!

Joshua & Kristina N.

Thank you!

I just wanted to pass along another Thank You for your great service these past 3-4 months. You have been extremely responsive and dedicated throughout the process and just wanted to let you know we deeply appreciate everything!

Shane & Christine B.

You gave us sound advice...

Sue and I wanted to personally thank you for helping us find our home. Not only was it our first home purchase, but, as you know, we were coming from the midwest and did not really know the area. None of the few people that we knew in the area recommended their real estate agents. After some research, we learned about buyer's agents, and we called you the next day and set up an appointment.

We did not know what to expect, but you and Gary Slutsky sat down with us for over two and a half hours explaining the entire process, urging us to define carefully what we wanted (we made a list), and answering all of our many questions. You suggested that we drive around the next day and get a feel for the different neighborhoods to focus our search. The following day we went to see our first candidate. We were immediately impressed by how knowledgeable you were about the house from the basement to the roof.

Our entire search was like this: compressed into a few three day trips because of our jobs back in Chicago. When we were here, you dedicated most of your weekend to us so we could see as many houses as possible. The appraisals that you provided for our top candidates were invaluable in playing the offer game and prevented us from grossly overpaying for the first house we liked (has Shirley even sold yet?). Your experience was evident in the quality of the appraisals and the other points you made outside of the appraisals.

When we finally found the right house, we had to deal with a-to put it politely-less than pleasant seller's agent. You gave us sound advice and we finally got a signed contract. We're sure most agents probably disappear once the papers are signed, but in the months before closing, you followed up with us and our attorney and spent additional time educating us on many aspects of the purchase process and homeownership in general.

We are very happy with our home. Incidentally, shortly after moving in, we found our list of all of the things we wanted from a house and realized we had gotten every one of them! Even since moving in, we've appreciated your follow-ups (although we've been lax getting back to you). Thanks, once again, and be assured that we would happily recommend you to any other prospective clients. We hope that when we are ready to move up into another home we will have the opportunity to work with you again.

Adam B. and Susan K.

you found us the perfect place.

My family and I have owned the property you found for us for a few years now and I have been meaning to write you for some time to convey our gratitude.

The process of finding the right country property for us was not an easy feat. We had looked in various locations for years to find the right combination of features, without success. We had looked for properties with many of the best Realtors in the area, from Sotheby's to Christie's, and all the local "experts". Everything we saw fit into a standard mold: the Bedford horse farm, the Hamptons beach house, the Litchfield country retreat. Many of them were beautiful, but none quite fit our profile.

I remember that when we first got together and I told you what we were looking for, it took a while to explain. A few weeks later, when we were at the Sundance Film Festival and got a package from you, it contained information on only a few places. But from the carefully chosen selection of information you sent, we immediately knew which property we had to see. Now, three years later, we couldn't be happier.

I think the reason things worked out so well had to do with the fact that you really listened to our needs. We had the confidence of knowing that you, as a buyer's broker, were not trying to push us toward one property or another. And your willingness to do research into comparable properties, your knowledge of the cost of raw and improved land, and your good sense about negotiating, all helped us make a deal that worked. In fact, when we found ourselves in a bit of a bidding war you, unlike most real estate brokers, added sanity and reason to the process, rather than allowing it to get out of control.

But most of all, out of the thousands of available properties, you found us the perfect place. And for that we will be eternally grateful.

Andrew J.

hard work, patience, and guidance

Thank you so much for all your hard work, patience, and guidance through this long and sometimes confusing process. We could not have asked for anyone more helpful and attentive in the purchase of our first home.

Jason G. & Ashley D.

...above and beyond our expectations.

I have successfully purchased a new first home with the help of Buyer's Edge Realty and Gary Herbst. Their assistance in the process was tremendous. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional and wherever possible went above and beyond our expectations. I would recommend their services to all of my friends and family.

Chris N.

Can't imagine...

Buyer's Edge were invaluable in our homebuying experience. There is no doubt that they saved us money, stress, and doubt. Can't imagine trying to buy a home without them.

Mike U. & Carol G.

We utterly, unqualifiedly, and without reservation recommend Buyer's Edge Realty

We started our search for a house in Westchester from an apartment in Brooklyn. We knew next to nothing about the county, its geography, the relationships between its various towns and cities, and nothing at all about buying a house there. Our first lucky break was to discover Buyer's Edge Realty. Gary Herbst patiently waited when we were over an hour late for our first appointment, and, when we arrived, took his time helping us to figure out what it was that we were looking for. We listened to his case for going with a buyer's broker, and decided it made sense. This was the most important decision we made regarding the purchase of the house that we moved into two weeks ago.

Our search began with Gary Slutsky, who picked us up at the train station and spent an entire Sunday afternoon driving us all around Yonkers (we had been to some of the River Towns, but knew nothing of Yonkers, and wanted to know whether we should include it in our search). There is NO WAY we could have learned as much on our own as we did with Gary, even it we had been willing to spend several weekends just exploring the city. And he didn't take us inside a single house that day. But he wasn't just being a tour guide; he was asking questions and listening to our answers the whole time. And he wasn't afraid to challenge our assumptions: when it would have been easier just to suppose that we knew what we wanted, Gary made sure that we understood the consequences of making choices based on answers we had given without careful consideration.

From that point on, Gary S. was never unreachable, and we called him a lot. And he was never unable to take us around to show us the houses we had decided we wanted to see that week; and, since we could only come up on Sundays, we tried to see a lot of houses each time. He was always cheerful, always patient, and always on the lookout for things that we might not have noticed that would make whatever we were looking at a less than ideal fit for us. He never talked us out of anything, but made sure that we didn't talk ourselves into anything without seeing it, warts and all.

Eventually, of course, we did talk ourselves into something, and this is when Gary-who had already, as far as we were concerned, earned his fee-helped us the most. The offer he counseled us to make was much lower than what we had prepared ourselves to make, and he was right, and the sellers accepted. Yes, he saved us a LOT of money, and we're very grateful to him for that. But what matters even more is that in doing so he confirmed for us the trust that we had placed in him. Because when you know beyond all doubt that the person who's advising you has set aside self-interest, you become a lot more confident in the decisions you make with that person's help. And, if you didn't know it already, buying a house forces you to make a lot of decisions that, if you cannot ultimately be confident you have made them correctly, will really begin to wear you down. We will never be able to thank him enough for this gift of confidence in our decisions.

But, of course, the Gary's weren't finished yet. Gary H. came back in to appraise the house, further confirming our confidence in the decision, and Gary S. continued to help with the mountain of details that were necessary leading up to the closing (if anything, we took up more of his time after making the offer than we had when we were still looking). When we got an inflated "estimate" of closing costs from the lender, it was Gary S. who peeled us off the ceiling and explained that it was at least three times what we would actually have to pay (and, as I'm sure I don't have to tell you, he was right again). One of the two agents involved in the sale was at the closing, and it wasn't the seller's. We could go on, but you get the idea.

So, to Gary and Gary: thank you; you did your job so well that I don't think we'll be in the market for another house for many years, but, if and when we are, we'll come looking for you again. To any prospective homebuyers: if you are planning to buy real estate in Westchester, we utterly, unqualifiedly, and without reservation recommend that you allow Buyer's Edge Realty to represent you and give you the benefit of their knowledge, experience, patience, and perspective. If you don't, we wish you luck, because you're going to need it.

Wendy S. & Tom K.

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